9 Academic Writing Apps to Better Your Writing Skills

academic writing apps

It’s the year 2017! The question is who doesn’t use technology and not who uses it? Because, we belong to a generation that’s heavily into technology, gadgets, and applications especially academic writing apps and thrives on them unabashedly.  

7 eLearning Benefits that Enable you to be Future-Ready

elearning benefits

Learning has come a long way. With internet making in-roads into every area, including our personal lives, learning has evolved to a better form altogether – the digital way of learning.  Today, emphasis is being laid on eLearning benefits – webinars, online tutorials, slide-based etc. From academic institutions to research […]

Four Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing

academic research services

Academic Writing is one of the formal forms of writing. As the name suggests academic writing services caters to a very niche audience – the academic fraternity that includes scholars, researchers, authors, students etc. An extensive research on a particular subject, followed by proper analysis and reasoning of the facts, […]