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The Digital Vibes” welcomes article contributions in categories of ‘digital marketing’, ‘content marketing’, ‘social media marketing’, ‘seo’, ‘academic writing’, ‘website design and development’, ‘small business’, ‘news’, and ‘tips and tricks’.

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Your articles must meet these fundamental criteria to get published on our website.

  • The article should be original and not published anywhere on the internet, including on your personal blog.

  • The article must be of minimum 800-words in length and include an author bio.

  • Please research thoroughly for data and information before making claims and conclusions in the article.

  • No defamatory/ abusive content will be allowed and will get deleted immediately.

  • Your article should have an introduction/ preamble that attracts the interest and inspires the reader who reads to read further.

  • Be free from grammatical errors.

  • Be free from plagiarism. (If plagiarized, we may ask for revision).

  • Use headings, subheadings, bold or italic font for key sentences and bulleted lists, so it is easy to read.

  • Always have a conclusion/ recommendation at the end of the article.

  • Include the reference URLs at the end of the article. (we might need it for editing purpose)

  • The final decision regarding the publication of the article on the website rests with our editorial team.

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The submitted articles will be reviewed and moderated, and published by our editorial team if they meet the criteria as mentioned above and the author would be informed.

At this point, The Digital Vibes is not in a position to pay you for your contributions. This space will be updated if there are any changes in the policies.

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