9 Academic Writing Apps to Better Your Writing Skills

academic writing apps

It’s the year 2017! The question is who doesn’t use technology and not who uses it? Because, we belong to a generation that’s heavily into technology, gadgets, and applications especially academic writing apps and thrives on them unabashedly.  

Know the Google Search Operators

search engine

Problem well defined is half solved. Perhaps, this statement makes perfect sense while doing Google searches. When you are trying to search for information on Google, more often than not, your search query also throws up some totally unrelated results to your query.

What are the Benefits of Blogging for Small Businesses?

benefits of blogging

Why Blogging? Are there any benefits of blogging?! I operate a small business; I don’t think I need a blog? Do visitors read blogs? Perhaps as a small business owner these would be your first reactions on the mention of a blog. But on a serious note, whether vouch it […]

7 eLearning Benefits that Enable you to be Future-Ready

elearning benefits

Learning has come a long way. With internet making in-roads into every area, including our personal lives, learning has evolved to a better form altogether – the digital way of learning.  Today, emphasis is being laid on eLearning benefits – webinars, online tutorials, slide-based etc. From academic institutions to research […]

SEO and Social Media: What is Your Strategy?

seo and social media

Social media is gaining popularity as an important digital marketing strategy. Well, does that mean SEO is no longer popular with the marketers? Not really. However, there are reasons that give room for this kind of an apprehension. But from business perspective, it is relevant to know with respect to […]

6 Reasons Why Should You Have a Responsive Website

responsive website

A responsive website is one that adapts to any kind of device – an iPad, smartphone, tablet or a laptop. As customers are doing lot more than searching and browsing on their mobile devices, businesses are prompted to design websites that are  device- friendly, easy-to-navigate and provide better user-experience.  A […]

The Spanish Town Jun Using Twitter to Provide Public Services

Spanish Town Jun

Twitter is the way of life in this small Spanish town Jun (pronounced hoon).  With the population of barely 3500 people, Jun has successfully used social media platform – Twitter to spread everything related to news, jobs, events, developments and school dinner menus as well! While the local administration uses […]

6 SEO Lessons – Best Learnt from Your Competitors

seo strategy

The need to survive creates ways for survival. With the digital world getting bigger, bolder and mind-blowing, your business is under tremendous pressure to stay connected with the customers and remain relevant too. You, as an aspiring entrepreneur trying to get a foothold in the digital space would surely find […]