seo strategy

The need to survive creates ways for survival. With the digital world getting bigger, bolder and mind-blowing, your business is under tremendous pressure to stay connected with the customers and remain relevant too. You, as an aspiring entrepreneur trying to get a foothold in the digital space would surely find those digital marketing strategies very overwhelming if not confusing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the important digital marketing strategies deciding your survival online. Like any other conventional learning goes, the best SEO lessons are learnt, or perhaps the easiest way too, by closely watching your competitors and implementing the SEO strategy that suit your business.

Here are 6 SEO lessons that you could pick up from your competitors

1. Trick is in the Titles

Page titles and META titles – To start with, the page titles and the META titles are very important as search engine optimization stems from the very basic activity. Check out if your competitors are using common words (regular keywords) or phrases (long tail keywords) as keywords. You could implement the same strategy as well.

Meta descriptions – Meta descriptions may not be that relevant as it was earlier. Check for your competitors’ META descriptions. If they are short yet detailed enough to explain about the business, then, you should follow the same.

2. Build the Broken Links

Broken links could prove to be a major impediment in your SEO strategy. There are free online link checkers which help you determine any broken links in your website. Analyze the broken links of your website and your competitors as well. Fix for any website designing related issues and take corrective measures to make your website very robust.

3. Content is king

Content directly impacts your websites. Content that is original, new and unique is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. Search engines always index new and original content. Hence, the need for quality content cannot be ruled out. Also, there are free websites that show website rankings at a given time period. Check if there has been any change in the rankings of your competitors’ websites by addition of new or unique content. Also, check if there has been any change in the number of visitors as well after the content change.

4. Be on Blogs

Blogs are equally important to your SEO strategy. Blogs optimization may also lead to good traffic to your website. However, blogs cannot be the same for all businesses. Hence, it is important to watch out for trending topics and develop blogs that could optimize your website. Also, keep a close watch on top ranked competitor’s blog topics, analyze and implement the same strategy if need be.

5. Stay connected with social media

One of the important SEO lessons is the social media. It is best proving to be the place where you can build your brand. An excellent social media marketing strategy gives tremendous edge to the business. Observe the marketing strategy deployed by your competitors for social media. Analyze how they stay connected with their customers and keep them engaged, and implement the methods that best suit you.

6. Increase on Inbound links

Inbound links certainly have advantages as they are links on other websites. It is in fact good to have more inbound links. There are tools like Open Site Explorer that help you see the quantity of inbound links for every website. Check the number of inbound links of your competitor’s and their rankings as well. Analyze and implement for your business as well.

Time to implement

Well, that’s a wrap! With big misconceptions about small businesses trying to deter your pace, you, as the owner of a small business shouldn’t give away to these initial hiccups. Work on the SEO lessons and give your business the much needed boost for its digital presence.

Image Credit: Bifetito, Maxresdefault