academic writing apps

It’s the year 2017! The question is who doesn’t use technology and not who uses it? Because, we belong to a generation that’s heavily into technology, gadgets, and applications especially academic writing apps and thrives on them unabashedly.

Technology is playing an important role and influencing everyone’s lives incredibly. But not many are well versed with the role of technology in education, particularly in academic writing.

The seamless switching and continuation of work from PC to mobile and then to tab is one of the many marvels of technology that we are experiencing in today’s digital marketing era. It is technology again due to which many academic writing apps have made it amazingly easy for you with your academic writing assignments.

If academic writing is a big chunk of your curriculum, explore these academic writing apps which will definitely come in handy in your academic writing pursuits.

Dictation Apps

Some useful academic writing apps are available online; use your smartphone to get the suitable one.  If you’re a slow writer, or just having a very hectic day, dictation apps can save you a lot of time. The Dragon Dictation (iOS) app allows you to do a number of things which are considered to be essential for the students who are more into academic writing.

  • You can dictate texts, emails, or copy and paste it to your phone’s clipboard

  • You can always work on an assignment while you’re on the go, and later fine comb through it

  • This app will save you plenty of time, and you can work on an assignment anywhere, anytime

Referencing and Bibliography Sites and Apps

Citation and referencing is a major headache for students in academic writing. Not only are the various referencing styles confusing, they are technical and require attention to minute details. Thankfully, there are citation and reference generators easily available on the internet, like Harvard Generator and Cite This For Me.  Academic writing apps like EasyBib also make the job easier. Citation and referencing help the student to.

  • Scan the barcode of a book or type in the title

  • A student can gather the exact and authentic information regarding the given topic through citation

  • The article is made more precise with the help of referencing

Grammar and Spell Check

Proper usage of grammar is extremely important in academic writing. Grammar and spell check helps a student in the following ways

  • For those, who aren’t confident of their writing and spellings, you can check grammar and spell check websites to help you improve your writing before submission

  • There are numerous free sites which do both grammar and spell check for free. Grammarly happens to be one of the favorite sites

  • If you want to brush up on your grammar, NoRedInk is a fun and easy to comprehend site that will help you develop your academic writing skills

Fun Dictionary

Vocabulary is a very important aspect of academic writing. And if you want vocab to be one of your strong suits, your new best friend is a dictionary. No, we’re not asking you to carry around a gigantic book with multiple volumes! Dictionaries have become much more fun with talking dictionaries that pronounce the word, like HowJSay. Dictionaries help a student in a number of ways.

  • Help you to know the meaning of new words

  • Correct/ refine your pronunciations and

  • Increase your vocabulary

Plagiarism Checker

Every faculty in high school and university checks assignments for plagiarism. It’s always best to be safe than sorry, as plagiarism comes with a hefty price tag. It’s looked down upon by academic societies and perceived nothing less than a criminal offense.

  • Plagiarism checker will allow you to maintain authenticity in your article

  • You can also do the same with your assignment to make sure you’ve paraphrased and cited all your sources properly, to avoid any sort of misinterpretations

Online Writing Discussion forum

A discussion forum is the best place for the exchange of ideas. Discussion forums have now moved online, increasing the circle of exchange to a global. There are various discussion forums devoted to writing, like Purdue Writing Lab, that’s meant for writers worldwide and addresses basic and advanced writing queries.

Online Tutorials

If you’re struggling with something, chances are, you’re not the only one. Online tutorials are an easy access for seeking help. From courses to training – several universities conduct online courses aimed at grammar, essay writing, composition etc. Find the course that’s just right for you and dive in.

Use Google forms

By collecting data from Google form, you can do your research regarding a particular topic in a more meticulous and organized way. Google search operators will make your job easier. Collecting data will help you to

  • Gather research form and share it with other members of the organization

  • You are able to collaborate with various projects and develop your academic skills better

Take part in Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is an app developed by Google Apps. This is a platform where you can interact with other students and exchange various kinds of information regarding a certain topic. Google Hangouts allows you to

  • Share screens, various kinds of documents, YouTube videos. You can also record them and share with those who missed the session

  • Connect with other students and help mutually with data notes related to your topic

Accept it or not, academic writing apps are the way of life. Utilizing them effectively will help you in your academic writing endeavours. We hope we are able to make your academic writing tad bit easier with this information.