content marketing tips

Growth hacking has been described as one of the leanest ways to grow as a start-up. It has changed the way of doing business. Also, it emphasizes more on the growth of the actual business than making money, and its goal is to build and curate a customer base without interruption.

When you apply growth hacking and content marketing to your business, there’s the potential for decent rewards. The interesting part is, many recommendations are pretty simple to implement, though you will have to use a fair amount of creativity.

Here are the five content marketing tips for growth hacking:

1. Connect and Adapt

It’s critical to always be in tune with the people you sell your products or services to. People interested in your niche would love the ideas on the subject. Facebook works well specifically to convey a pretty in-depth thought on the statement. It could be an amazing concept discussed at a convention but if they are potential ideas and content that can be passed along to your prospective client base, do it.

The same content marketing tips can be applied on Twitter as well in a better way. You’ve only got 280 characters to convey your progressive thoughts to the followers. Sometimes, it’s a pretty good thing because there’s an opportunity to expand the contemplation on the social platform if a tweet provides any traction. Who knows, it may even become an article series down the line. These raw data can be invaluable for content marketers as they can stop throwing random things at the wall if they understand, connect, and adapt to their customer requirements better.

2. Aggregate Feedback

In every facet of internet marketing services, feedback or reviews matter. Hence, you will need to send things off to people who have opinions. Get help from your family or friends by showing a particular product – whether it’s a video, case study, or anything else that can bolster growth, and have them review it. Also, many plugins and websites provide facilities to receive customers’ feedback.

It might be tough to understand your customers if there is no feedback or reviews about the product or service. Also, it would be helpful to modify if there’s anything worth changing and allows you to make an informed decision.

Aggregating feedback is one of the critical content marketing tips to make things better. You can take this information and test the effectiveness of your product or service and explore concepts again on the internet and social media without deploying. It facilitates you to move to the next phase if the corrective measures are wholly favorable. However, be sure your confidants give as comprehensive a review as possible.

3. Just Good Stuff

It’s easy to say “just make good content” when giving advice, but it’s all about explosive growth over a short period in growth hacking. So, making something viral is the only way. Yet, under no circumstances you’ll know something will be viral until it becomes viral. Hence, there’s no blueprint or anything that’ll work in your favor.

Nonetheless, you can always follow a certain formula to create content. More often than not, “viral” content falls into ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘practical or positive in its message’ categories. Keep in mind that the content you produce should be able to hit these talking points, and if it doesn’t, refine until you achieve those results. While the content marketing tips sound simplistic, it takes time. Start using your creativity and understand the customers’ wants to achieve the positives.

4. Be Vocal and Post Loud

You need to know where you have to be, and it’s critical to make your content marketing goals successful. Let’s say you’re someone who knows everything about Dell computers and trying to market their products. So, you should be present everywhere on the internet or on forums that talk a lot about Dell accessories and products so that you can meet proponents, listen to their concerns, questions, and possible ways to correct issues in the community. It’s a goldmine for a professional content writer.

Study the content marketing tips well when doing social media, forums, or any other posting on the internet, and ensure that it’s loud. Bear in mind that the goal is to post things when people are more inclined to read them. Usually, the posting time depends on the demographic or goals of the particular niches. However, it’s best to stick between the early morning while people are getting ready for work or when they’re returning from work. On the weekend, it’s a good idea to post before 5 PM.

5. Create Something Substantial

It’s critical to go big while keeping costs negligible in growth hacking and make no mistake there. You can accomplish this goal in many ways with a fair amount of data. With a decent user base who are interested in your niche, demonstrate how your product can solve their basic problem and reflects the customers’ interest. Ignore the medium, but it does have to be comprehensive and reflect your talents to make a mark.

For example, if you’re confident in your ability to lead a webinar or provide the best social media marketing service, that’s a viable route to take off. If you believe the case studies maybe something a bit more up your alley, try that. While they may not be as enticing as some of the myriad options available, they still definitely have their place. There aren’t any better things than a possible customer seeing your product in action. Depending on your particular product or niche, you may even have to dig deep and come up with the best presentation materials. The goal is to know what your potential customers want before starting production.


Growth hacking through content marketing is a great marketing concept. It doesn’t even stray too far away from the general tenants of marketing; it just is hedged on curating a client base other than making money quickly. If these techniques are implemented correctly, there’s a chance that everyone can be successful.