wordpress for business websites

WordPress is the first name you will hear from any website designing services provider about the best site-building platforms. It is because WordPress is the only platform that powers around 43% of the websites on the internet. It is the most popular, reliable, trusted, and easy Content Management System.

For businesses, WordPress has viable solutions for most of their real-world issues. It stands out primarily for its flexible nature and ideal for beginners, coding pros, and everyone in between. Also, it offers immense options to create a website, run it without hassle, create and manage content, all in just a few clicks.

Here in this article, we have gathered ten compelling reasons that shall leave you convinced of the power of WordPress for business websites.

What is WordPress?

Before we dive into the why’s and how’s, let’s first have no confusion about what WordPress does. As mentioned earlier, WordPress is a Content Management System and Opensource Software. It helps you design a website, create content, publish it, and manage the site navigation. But it does not host your site. You will need a web hosting service like Bluehost, HostGator, WP Engine, A2 Hosting, etc.

Once tied to a web hosting plan, you can install WordPress for free from the hosting provider and use it for unlimited access. WordPress is available for download on almost all hosting platforms, which highlights its popularity.

Why Use WordPress for Business Websites?

1. The middle ground between Paid and Custom Developing Platforms

Both paid and custom development platforms have their benefits for website building and maintenance. But each lacks in some way or the other. For instance, charges are too high to access critical business features in paid subscriptions. Or, if you hook onto platforms that offer full customization options, you may need a lot of coding knowledge, which will be time-consuming and expensive. However, it is not the case with WordPress.

WordPress offers a middle ground, where it allows people of all backgrounds and knowledge levels to benefit from its hassle-free Opensource CMS application. It is free to use, provides innumerable options for website creation, and is ideal for businesses.

2. From Personal Blog to an E-Commerce Store – WordPress Offers it All

Do not be in a delusion that WordPress works ideally for blogging or written content only. You can create a full-service business website, an e-commerce store, a podcast site, an app, a portfolio, or a personal blog – all done with the same ease and simplicity.

Big names like the New York Times, BBC America, Sony Music, Vogue, Toyota Motors, and several others have WordPress websites, which is evident of how flexible, adaptable, and functional WordPress is.

3. Plenty of Help Resources and Support Online

With WordPress on your side, troubleshooting issues is pretty easy and quick. Thanks to its familiarity and popularity. You can find several guides, videos, and tutorials on the web and on the WordPress Forums to solve technical or other glitches in no time. You may also get help from the professionals who are offering the website optimization services in a breeze.

WordPress organizes monthly meetups with large communities of developers, content creators, and business owners from across 817 countries. Additionally, you can access 24×7 support through live chats with their Support Teams.

4. Countless Themes and Plugins

WordPress for business websites provides endless opportunities to adorn with every facility you wish to include from close to 10,000 themes and approximately 60,000 plugins. From adding shopping carts and contact forms to social forums, galleries, and mailing lists, it also offers a plethora of options to create the best functioning site for businesses of all caliber.

5. Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are critical to rank better on Google. With WordPress for business websites, you are freed from the worry of creating a responsive design, as it is meant to curate the responsiveness alone. Moreover, WordPress allows you to convert a static website into a dynamic one through plugins, widgets, and more.

6. SEO is Taken Care of Too

In the digital world, SEO plays a crucial role. WordPress is a very SEO-friendly CMS and allows you plenty of free built-in and third-party plugins to help create highly search engine optimized content. Furthermore, WordPress SEO works pretty well in addressing primary issues in your website or content and also offers multiple suggestions to make the site fully optimized.

7. WordPress is Tech Savvy

The best part about WordPress for business websites is how it flows with the growing technologies. It is ideal for beginners and a treat for developers to work. With options like Block Editor and REST API, it offers coders and developers to create apps, build new plugins, or make necessary coding changes using JavaScript and PHP or any programming language that ideally generates HTTP requests. A majority of its addons are just a single click away and technical integrations like using an email marketing tool or adding Google Analytics are also pretty easy to carry on.

8. Increased Page Loading Speed

Page speed impacts the power of a website. WordPress understands the importance of page speed and provides useful plugins like PageSpeed Ninja, Cache Enabler, and WP Super Minify to perform Gzip compressions, minifying JS and CSS, and caching to increase page loading time enormously.

9. Robustly Secure

Since WordPress powers the majority of websites, it ensures that its safety systems are robust. It constantly updates the security features to keep hackers and cyber-attacks at bay. Additionally, it also allows enabling SSL certification and has several plugins to enhance your website security.

10. Powerful Media Management

What makes a site a visual treat? Its layout, responsiveness, and multimedia approach. WordPress for business websites offers visually appealing features through powerful media management options. You can easily include videos, images, and audio files throughout the site without glitches and are free to edit them in a breeze using the media library screen option.

WordPress Will Not Disappoint You

The most promising and alluring factor making WordPress stand out from the competition is it allows you to create a website regardless of whether you are an expert developer or not. It is ideal for all types of business websites on the planet. According to WordPress live statistics, over 409 million people view 20 billion web pages every month. That is a huge number.

With WordPress for business websites, you get advanced tools to enrich the site experience, exposure, a better ranking on search engines, and all of this without hefty charges. So, what’s stopping you now? Get started to create your business website or join hands with a trusted internet marketing agency to unleash the power of WordPress.