bring new visitors to the website

Having a website for your business is just the beginning. The aftermath is an incredible expedition of how you work to establish your digital presence. One of the key contributors to your digital presence is your website traffic. The more organic traffic you have to your website the better are the leads generated.

Here’s a list of essential factors critical to bring new visitors to your website. Do note – building good traffic to your website in an organic way has far-fetching results than short-sighted quick-fix solutions.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of any business – B2B or B2C is to generate quality leads from the website which mean higher conversion rates. Your website traffic is one of the crucial sources of quality leads provided you develop organic traffic to your website. SEO, in this regard, aims at building organic traffic from search engine results. Search engines evaluate your website based on several pre-determined parameters and rank your website in the search results. Higher the ranking better is the visibility of the website and bring new visitors to generate leads also. These search engines are based on search algorithms that are updated regularly to check unethical SEO techniques (Black-hat techniques) by businesses or individuals which may have an undue influence on the search results.

Following SEO activities help in enhancing organic traffic to the website

  • Optimizing your website in accordance with the SEO guidelines

  • Optimizing your website for specific keywords

  • Backlinking and fixing broken links

  • Posting fresh and original content regularly

  • Optimizing for Metadata and tags

  • Building a strong online reputation with social networking sites

  • Blogging regularly with unique and relevant content for higher ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs)

  • Actively do blog marketing to promote your website blogs

  • Be part of industry-specific online communities and be an active member of their online forums

  • Social bookmarking, link baiting, video marketing and so on

2. Content is crucial

Good content is the edifice of a successful website. Visitors visit your website with the hope of finding an answer to their query or seeking some relevant information. Content that is original, fresh and capable of addressing the needs of the customers creates an instant connection with them and succeeds in retaining them on your website for a longer time. Acknowledging the importance of content, businesses emphasize a comprehensive content marketing strategy encompassing different media, platforms and audiences. Even to this day, content remains the king.

Content marketing strategies encompass the following

  • Establishing buyer personas while analyzing their content needs and preferences

  • Identifying and examining organizational and marketing goals to be achieved through the content strategy

  • Identifying KPIs to measure the success of the activities

  • Structural and organizational process improvements for content strategy implementation and its flow

  • Budgetary decisions and the returns expected

3. Efficient website

Driving new visitors to your website assumes importance only when your website is ready. However, it is important to note that an efficient website invariably influences quality traffic to your website. From designing, navigation to information and responsiveness – many factors are responsible to bring new visitors to your website. Some of the vital aspects of related to an efficient website are

  • Responsive websites are crucial for business success. With mobiles fast-catching up as the most preferred platform, having a responsive website is imperative

  • Need for targeting customers across devices such as mobiles and tablets, in addition to laptops and PCs through responsive websites

  • Add features and functions that are user-friendly and promote easy navigation of your website

  • Ensure your website is functional at all times

  • Make your website complete by adding necessary and relevant pages along with updating the content

  • Eliminate any errors present in the website

  • Make social media sharing buttons available on your website to facilitate social media sharing for your website visitors

4. Blogging

If not the most important one, blogging is indeed an essential factor to bring new visitors and helping you drive good traffic to your website. Posting blogs and articles related to your area of expertise which is helpful and exciting to your customers proves the benefits of blogging is huge in the long run. Besides, guest blogging and publishing blogs of other writers related to your industry niche will help in building backlinks to your website. As search engines look for fresh, original and unique content, blogging is the best way to ensure your website content is new and updated regularly. This would help in improving your rankings in search engine results too. Suitably developed with the right density of keywords, blogs would be able to create an interest and motivate the visitors to continue reading more of your blogs.

5. Social media platforms

In recent years, the popularity of social media marketing is undeniable. There are several social channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. to promote your website. Depending on the type of audience you are focusing you could choose the most suitable social networking platform to bring new visitors to your website. These platforms are best suited for both generic and specific activities that you wish to execute to increase the number of visitors to your website.

  • Posting fresh and exciting content regularly on your chosen social network is enough to create a lot of buzzes and attract your audience. This will, in turn, drive new visitors to your website

  • Take your marketing efforts to the next level by interacting with your customers directly on social networking sites

  • These social channels are the best platforms to showcase your products

  • Clarify queries and answer questions promptly on social networking sites as they are the ‘go-to’ platforms for customers to check about products, services or any information

  • Any information dissipation on social networks is considered to be from a reliable source. Hence, create good word-of-mouth for your business with interesting and engaging activities on social media platforms

  • Collaborate with social media influencers in your industry niche to promote your products and services


Owing a website is one half of the job done. But promoting your business to bring new visitors is a meticulously planned and well-executed series of activities. A right combination of tried and tested techniques along with innovative approaches will surely help you create a buzz and attract new visitors to your website.