curate content

Content is essential to any business activity. Let’s say, you want to come up with great marketing collateral. Well, it’s content that makes it possible here. Or, if you planning to attract more visitors to your digital store, then, it is content again that acts as one of the important factors to achieve this objective. Today, content has taken the center stage. Be it the digital age social media marketing or the traditional print advertising, content curation is important to your business.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of gathering information specific to a subject. Information could be in any form – images, RSS feeds, blogs, articles, social media feeds, songs, videos, or in any digital form related to the subject. Then, you share this information with a larger audience who would in turn spread the word. People or agencies that curate content are called content curators.

The word ‘curator’ is not totally new to us. Perhaps, we are more familiar with the concept of ‘curator’ and ‘curation’ in context with museums and galleries, where the curator selects and adds objects to the collection very thoughtfully. Content curation works on similar lines. The content curator gathers information, filters those relevant to the topic and streams it across to the target audience. Technically, a content curator does not generate content; rather amasses relevant content for further dissemination.

Why content curation is so Important?

Although, content curation is the latest buzzword doing the rounds, it has become more relevant than ever before. With growth of internet and a virtual explosion of information in the digital space, finding right, relevant and quality information has become a cumbersome task. Thus, content curation comes in handy here. Some of the reasons why content curation is important are

  • Quality content: undoubtedly one of the main reasons for content curation is to obtain quality content. Content marketing services help marketers to find relevant information from the clutter and reuse them for their marketing purpose.

  • Gives perspectives: People would like to know more than just information about your product. When you as a marketer present different perspectives of the same subject, you are more likely to be perceived as a credible source which would increase your value to your target audience.

  • Builds trust: While you provide quality content suitably supported by views from industry leaders, expert opinions, competitor information etc., you are actually building the trust relationship with your prospects.

  • Sharing on social media: Social media is proving to be a powerful platform for marketers as prospective buyers trust the information shared since it is coming from a reliable source. By creating a right mix of original and curated content you put across relevant information to your prospects.

Pointers for Content Curation

  1. Give credit or linking to the original information source.

  2. Content curation alone without creating any original content would be a failure.

  3. Quantity over quality would not fetch any success to your content strategy.

  4. Have a right mix of original and curated content.

Internet is a sea of information. As you swim through the relevant, and weed out the not-so-useful ones gathering pearls of information, you find yourself emerging successful.