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Check out these stats. With more than 433 million users, over 4 million business pages and geographical reach spanning across 200 countries and territories, the growth seems invincible for this company. Well, I’m talking about LinkedIn – the largest professional network which has withstood the technological changes and continues to be the platform of choice for professionals and now businesses too. However, there are still a huge number of businesses who think they don’t need a LinkedIn company page. More so, when you have a flourishing business supported by a good website, the perception is strong enough that your business will keep growing.

Think again! Here are 5 reasons that make you re-visit your thought and compel you to go for a LinkedIn company page. Needless to say, you would vouch to it as the most rational digital marketing activity towards building your business online!

Great Platform to Talk About Your Business

LinkedIn company page helps you talk about your business alone. It is a great platform with huge potential to give information about your products and services. Since it is a platform where professionals in addition to networking look for news, updates and announcements about companies and industry related information, LinkedIn is the best place for you to share information about your business. With features like ‘Status Updates’ and ‘Follower’, you stay connected with your page followers.

Helps You to Improve SEO Ranking

Since company page content is public, keyword rich content will help you in SEO rankings as well. Ensure you share business related content frequently on your LinkedIn company page. Also, the ‘Home’ tab description should give relevant information to the followers. This is very similar to your ‘About Us’ page on your website. Hence, ensure you have a banner image and logo as well. Treat it as a marketing tool and it will help you boost visitors to your website.

Feature Your Important Products or Services

With ‘Showcase Page’ on your LinkedIn company page, you can feature your specialized products or services. In case you have a wide spectrum of services, then you could showcase them individually. This works very similar to your ‘Services’ page on your website.

Generate more B2B leads

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network where you can find decision makers of businesses across verticals. Hence, any updates you share via ‘Share an update’ would help you not only share the content with your page followers, but if they comment or like your content it would further get shared within their connections as well. This would generate business leads and references as users are already out there looking for business and industry related information.

Analytics to help you Manage Your Updates

Perhaps the reason why marketers love digital marketing is the fact that you can measure and monitor the marketing efforts with the analytics. This applies to LinkedIn as well. While personal LinkedIn profile helps you with information about how many ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ you have received for your updates, LinkedIn offers analytics for LinkedIn company page to manage the updates better. It helps you to know the number of times your update featured on the follower’s browser, number of clicks generated to your update, number of likes or comments received for your update etc. This would not only enable you to understand what to post but when to post as well.

So, what’s your stance now?

Don’t you think you should be creating a LinkedIn company page for your business? Do not ignore; it is a powerful social platform with huge potential. If you overlook, you may just be missing out on opportunities that may come in the future.

Image Credit: Nan Palmero