artificial intelligence

The landscape of digital marketing is evolving fast. Artificial intelligence is omnipresent in a sense. Devices, self-driving cars, AI-enabled camera are already here to bring ease into our life. Every aspect of AI has a single goal. It wants to understand the consumers and their needs and their thoughts. All of this is essential for cater to the consumers in a tailor-made way.

AI is already the talk of the town. Enabling AI in several marketing strategies such as digital marketing ensures more customer satisfaction.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Al refers to the intelligence showed by the machines. Even until a few years back, machines needed commands to act. But AI is enabling machines to think on their own. By thinking and learning from the experiences, the machines can provide useful results.

It has acquired increased popularity because it is more accurate than operated machines. Secondly, AI is programmed to analyze the data for its insights. Thirdly, it can enhance the GPS tracker, voice assistants, and smart home appliances. Lastly, it is continuously evolving with the newer algorithms invented.

Let us now take a sneak peek, how AI can change the landscape of digital marketing forever.

1. A revolutionized content marketing landscape

The conventional content marketing is undergoing a drastic change with the newly incorporated AI. In the sphere of content managing, there has always been a need to infuse intelligence. AI can influence content management in several ways, along with the landscape of digital marketing.

It can micro-target and personalize the content during the delivery. AI can also recommend and create content according to internet traffic. With the inclusion of AI, tagging and generating metadata for images and videos are easier. It can also search for crucial moments in a video and can search for something specific. Text-to-speech will be more accurate with the help of AI.

In content strategy, topic generating can be a tough job. With the help of latest algorithm enabled, it becomes easy. Promotions directed to a specific customer segment are done better by AI than a manual process. It has done a commendable job in text analysis and categorization along with making automated summaries.

Content marketers largely control the landscape of digital marketing. With the advent of AI, there is a new light on the horizon.

2. Online marketing and AI

With the AI, online marketing has changed. Not only changed. It has revolutionized. The display ads are smarter as it allows advertisers to target specific audiences who show interests in their business.

In the US, programmatic advertising used nearly 80% of the display ads. The number is only going to rise even further, according to specialists. This new-generation advertising is thriving in automation and machine learning. It uses AI to determine when to place a bid on the ads and how much to bid. As a result of this online marketing, ads are now being able to target efficiently.

Also, in the field of extracting patterns from the available data, AI is proven to be efficient. Be it, online marketers or content marketers, AI is changing the whole situation. With its advanced algorithms, AI’s has equipped to deliver perfect analysis, recommendation and better optimization.

Last but not the least AI is helping the online marketing policy by bringing a change. It enables digital marketing experts to concentrate on the more critical aspects. And thus, a new dawn is upon the landscape of digital marketing.

3. SEO

SEO has undergone a massive change by the AI. Not only SEO, but the whole landscape of digital marketing is also changing. RankBrain, Google’s algorithm has been delivering optimized search results while keeping tab of users’ queries. This algorithm by Google keeps changing and updating itself. Google’s SEO strategy changes depend mostly on user behavior.

However, the most critical change in this regard is the emphasizing on CX. This emphasizing means, the dominance of elements like keywords and meta-tags have decreased. With the help of AI, SEO now depends more on the users’ behavior, such as time on a page and bounce rate and this is an essential aspect for digital marketing experts to understand.

SEO strategy, as implemented by AI, is creating a new era in the landscape of digital marketing.

4. Customer Communication

Customers of any digital marketing service ask for assistance at any time of the day. Engaging with them can be daunting, this is where chatbots come to rescue. They are explicitly designed to reach out to the customers. AI has enabled them to answer the common queries.

The fascinating thing about chatbots is the fact that they can engage in a human-style conversation. The landscape of digital marketing is changed forever with this. They can be the efficient replacement of human customer manager. Giant coffee chains are already using AI to use them as the new online marketing strategy.

5. Personalizing the landscape of digital marketing for the better experience

Tracking customers’ behavior online is one of the largest aspects of online marketing strategies. AI can keep track of the customers’ history, their searches, their preferences and what not. This data is then used accurately by AI to develop a more engaging online marketing strategy.

The promotion of products by the algorithm can be near perfect. It may have been so that the customer was looking for that particular item. Online retail chains are changing the landscape of digital marketing by directly employing AI in their use.

6. AI assistant

The inclusion of smart home appliances is popularizing AI even more. The increased number of voice search and communication with the virtual assistants are significant. The AI assistants can be a powerful tool for online marketing. Moreover, they can change the landscape of digital marketing in a way which was incomprehensible until a few years ago.

For example, suppose someone tells the AI assistant to add a list of grocery shopping. The moment he says the assistant to do so, he may receive a discount offer on his phone about the same products. AI can change the marketing strategies as we know forever and for good.


AI is already a big part of the digital movement and will be so. AI has changed the ways of marketing. With the help of AI, brands are becoming more efficient in production and delivery. It also ensures a better producer-consumer relationship. Above all, AI is heralding new dawn upon the landscape of digital marketing.